Boston, MA. March 11, 2002 – Good news comes to Hartford. MegaNet Communications, one of the largest Network Service Providers within the Northeast, has expanded their leading private frame relay and high-speed Internet services, making them now available from their newest facility in Hartford, CT. The company currently provides best-of-breed commercial data connectivity from established data centers in Boston, MA and Providence, RI.

“Hartford was the logical next step on our smart build plan,” says Paul M. Joncas, CEO. “The demand for our frame relay service is growing steadily, and we have customers putting the pressure on us to light New York City . . . so they can connect all northeast locations into their existing MegaFrame networks,” cites Mr. Joncas.

MegaFrame is a private, frame relay/ATM data network that currently blankets Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, with expanded coverage in New York and Washington D.C. to soon follow in Q4. MegaNet’s MegaFrame service empowers organizations. This innovative service makes it possible to connect multiple locations within the multi-state coverage area via private high-speed connections — enabling the facilitation of private corporate networks, insulated from the Internet. MegaNet’s MegaFrame service represents a substantial cost savings over the frame relay services that are currently offered by the regional bells and national long distance carriers such as Verizon and AT&T. Private in-state connections have recognized on the average savings of 35% over current frame relay pricing. And, Inter-State connections have experienced savings of more than 50% vs. the current long distance carrier rates.

MegaFrame’s core network is engineered with redundant fiber-optic interconnects and Lucent Technologies’ carrier grade switching devices. Local loop connections to customer locations can be structured utilizing available telecommunications products such as T1, DSL, or a blend of both. Optional services can include integrated private voice communications between customer locations, as well as Internet access deployment at each facility, or through one centralized location serving the entire private network.

MegaNet Communications, founded in 1996 as Troy City Internet Exchange Inc., is a privately held network services firm that provides comprehensive Internet bandwidth and private data backbone services to corporations, wholesale markets, and ISPs throughout New England.

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