In today’s economy, many businesses have employees who work remotely, or from a different location. In any situation where these employees access your customers’ personally identifiable information, the connection from the employee to you must be encrypted and secured. Our VPN service for remote users and multiple-location businesses can help maintain that level of security.

Managed VPN

VPNs are private encrypted tunnels used to create secure network connections between corporate LANs over the Internet. The addition of VPN technology can represent substantial cost savings to businesses using private dedicated circuits to connect geographically diverse office locations. Cross-country T1s can cost tens of thousands per month where a managed VPN can replicate the same functionality for only hundreds per month, and newer SSL VPN services are very easy for end users to set up and use. MegaNet uses HIPAA-compliant equipment with the highest encryption factor the law allows. Knowing VPN service is mission critical to our customers we maintain secure off-site configurations backups and spare equipment for 24-hour emergency replacement.

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Why should I have MegaNet provide my network security, wouldn’t I be better off with an outside company?

As a facilities-based provider since 1996, MegaNet has literally been on the front line during all major Internet-based attacks. The breadth of experience we bring to our clients can only be gained from building and operating a carrier-class network. Although vulnerabilities exist in network hardware and software, the most vulnerable area of all company networks is the authorized users of the network. MegaNet’s network engineers will help you overcome these vulnerabilities by helping you develop a strong network policy and then implementing that policy with the installation of a managed firewall.

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