Technical Support

When support is needed, MegaNet is there! Our knowledgeable and friendly Support Team will be sure to support your technical request/s as quickly as possible.

Live Telephone Support is available during normal business hours (Eastern):

Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 6 pm


or toll-free


Or send an email to

+Submit a support request
Please be sure to supply as much information as possible, including error messages and/or recent configuration changes. This will better assist us in diagnosing your issue.

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    Technical Support is divided into two main groups with Residential and Commercial divisions.

    When calling, the technician will need the following information to properly assist you and create a ticket.

    Account Number
    Contact Name
    Contact Number
    Contact Email Address
    Company Name
    Detailed Description of Problem

    A technician will provide a ticket number upon completion of the ticket. Reference this ticket number when closing or updating the information on the help desk ticket. Once a ticket is opened it is immediately escalated to the next level of support. All tickets are updated throughout the day with the only exceptions being Billing and Domain Name related tickets.

    Open tickets that do not reach resolution status within 12 hours are automatically escalated to a supervisor for review, re-assignment, or further escalation. A ticket reaches resolution status when the problem has been identified and Estimated Time to Resolve (ETR) has been appended to the ticket.

    Email Support is available during normal business hours and is the fastest way to resolve most technical support issues (provided you can send and receive email). First level, second level, and supervisors immediately pick up questions sent to

    Remote Support is available for current subscribers who require technical related support for Meganet services and who are able to retain constant network connectivity.

    After-Hours Support is an option available to dedicated leased line (Frame – T1, Metro-Ethernet) and collocation customers only. After-Hours contact numbers are available from your commercial account executive. Customers utilizing after-hours support must be able to reboot customer premise equipment and verify power status at effected locations. Meganet employs 24/7 monitoring on all lines and data centers. Should an after-hours outage occur no less than 3 senior level technicians will be notified.