Managed firewall service provides the highest level of security, with 24×7 monitoring and intrusion detection and blocking. With emergency equipment replacement policies providing additional support, your network and data will be protected against being compromised.

The average cost to a small business that suffered a data intrusion last year was almost $34,000 – protect yourself against that loss with a managed firewall from MegaNet!

All businesses with a dedicated high-speed Internet connection should have a firewall in place as a standard security measure to help protect your company and employees. MegaNet can work directly with you and your IT staff to identify existing network policies and help implement new ones, then put them directly to work for you. Managed firewall logs are transmitted in real-time to our Network Operation Center where they are monitored for intrusion attempts and trend analysis.

Changes in usage trends are often just as important as monitoring errors and intrusion attempts; for example s change in usage could signify network policy abuse or the addition of a new network service not covered under the current security policy. Our managed firewall service can be bundled with an optional web filtering subscription that is updated daily to prevent access to website categories deemed inappropriate by company management.

In addition to local security, managed firewalls from MegaNet can also provide VPN service to remote and end users, including SSL VPN services that feature extremely high security and encryption while providing ease of use at the same time.

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Benefits of Managed Firewall

  • Protect your network and users from outside intrusion and attacks
  • Ensure employee productivity by restricting access to non-work related sites
  • Comply with customer data protection by denying access to your network
  • Maintain 24×7 security with remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Quickly identify and stop Internet-based attacks
  • Have all security updates and patches applied by MegaNet to ensure all security features and rules are up-to-date
  • Benefit from MegaNet’s 24 hour emergency replacement in the event of hardware failure
  • Improve IT staff performance by letting MegaNet handle your Internet security