T1 Service

Businesses that demand high uptime reliability in their commercial Internet services can benefit from mission-critical T1 Internet service, which carries 99.99% uptime guarantees and a Service Level Agreement.

If your organization cannot be without Internet access for even a short amount of time, your needs are considered to be mission critical. T1 Internet service provides low-latency, high quality bandwidth to your network and can be combined with other MegaNet services such as Digital Voice to provide a comprehensive communications package.

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As your business grows and a single T1 line no longer meets your needs, Bonded T1 Service with configurations from 3 to 12Mbps can provide higher Internet speeds with the same reliabilities and uptime you expect from T1 service.  Bonded T1 is a cost effective option if Metro Ethernet services are not available to your location.

Companies with multiple locations can benefit from a fully secure and private Wide Area Network deployed over MegaNet T1 lines. Internal traffic stays off of the public Internet, and locations can each be connected to each other via private links, in addition to connectivity to the company’s main location.

All T1 services from MegaNet include 24×7 proactive monitoring and managed routers – let us handle the connectivity and free you to concentrate on your business. Our multi-homed network will provide your traffic with the optimal routes and reliability expected of a mission critical connection.

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