The Managed Collocation Services (MCS) is aimed at organizations that do not have a quality server that can be used as a dependable web server and/or for organizations that do not have the time to maintain the web server on an ongoing basis. The web is dynamic in nature and as a result of the constant change the technologies that ‘reside’ on the web must change as well. If updates and changes are not maintained then the systems (IE web server) will become unstable or un-secure. The result for the customer is a compromised system, either in terms of security, performance, stability, or compatibility. This MCS has been developed to keep the web server systems stable and secure. The knowledge, experience and infrastructure provided by both Meganet and Global Data Systems (GDS) combines to create a server environment designed for “mission critical” applications.

Meganet will provide the secure Collocation hosting facility in which GDS will supply the managed server custom built to the client’s specifications.

GDS will remotely monitor the managed servers to guarantee that the most current service packs, patches, and DAT files are applied to ensure that the web servers are secure, reliable, and perform in a manner that is in keeping with the guidelines of the manufacturers.

GDS will also replicate the data of the web server to a ‘Master Server’ on a daily basis and perform weekly backups on the replicated data. GDS will keep 7 days of data available on the Master Server in case of a catastrophic emergency.

About MegaNet Communications

MegaNet Communications, Inc. is a leading Network Service Provider that specializes in Internet connectivity and private WAN services to corporations, wholesale markets and ISPs throughout New England, New York and Connecticut. Founded March of 1996, in Fall River, Massachusetts, as a residential Internet service provider, the company has since grown into the largest privately held Commercial Network Service provider within New England. For more information, please or call (877) MEGANET (634-2638).

About Global Data Systems

Global Data Systems, Inc. has been providing superior network services since 1991. GDS has developed innovative managed services and IT solutions for a broad range of clients in both corporate and government sectors. GDS is a leader in providing services in the Massachusetts government sector and has a strong following in the New England marketplace. For more information, please visit or call (888) 849-6818.

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