Special Hosted PBX Offer!

Cisco_IP_Phone_SPA_medThink a fully-featured Hosted PBX system is out of reach or not affordable? Think again! Meganet is now offering Hosted PBX with nationwide calling for up to eight telephones at just $199.95* per month! For growing businesses needing less than eight telephones, Meganet’s Hosted PBX service is easily expandable!

Businesses of all sizes are quickly taking advantage of the features and options a Hosted PBX phone system can provide for their employees. MegaNet’s Hosted PBX offers industry standard Cisco phones, unparalleled mobility features, and budget friendly costs.

Interested in learning more about how MegaNet’s Hosted PBX can make your office more productive while helping cut your monthly costs?

Contact us today at sales@meganet.net or by phone 508-646-0030! We’ll be happy to let you know more about the benefits of Hosted PBX and how it’s helping our customers grow.

Still not convinced? Take our VoIP survey to help find out if Hosted PBX service is a good fit for your business!

*Taxes and applicable fees additional. Equipment plans may vary.

Service Notice (05/30/2023): Some IMAIL customers have reported missing email between January and May. Our team is currently investigating this issue. Please note that our support call center does not have any additional information beyond what is available here: Read the latest from our engineering team. Thank you for your patience.