Encrypting outgoing email with TLS

These days, it’s become commonplace to transmit sensitive information via email. For users looking for added security, Meganet Communications offers SMTP TLS encryption for outgoing mail.

As a note, the following is applicable to users who use Meganet’s main mail servers. You use these services if:

  1. You check your email on webmail.meganet.net or…
  2. You use a mail client and your outgoing server is smtp.meganet.net.

You might be wondering what the benefit of SMTP TLS is. Think of it as SSL of the web, but for email. Instead of messages and your password being sent as readable text, they are encrypted and undecipherable.

Assuming the recipient’s server also supports TLS (which many do), the message is encrypted all the way through.

Enabling TLS is fairly simple. Instead of using smtp.meganet.net as your outgoing mail server, you can instead use smtp-tls.meganet.net. The outgoing mail server port should be set to 587.

It’s that simple.

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