Ethernet over Coax – A Customer Scenario

Many companies have been taking advantage of Ethernet services over the past few years when it comes to increasing Internet bandwidth speeds. Metro Ethernet, which is delivered over fiber, has been one of the most popular commercial Internet services we offer here at MegaNet over the last 3 years.

Ethernet over Copper is quickly growing in popularity as well, particularly in metro markets such as Boston MA and Providence RI, as it delivers high levels of bandwidth without the higher costs associated with fiber installations.

network_monitorOne particular type of Ethernet access that’s not as well known but has the same guarantees is Ethernet over Coax. Just like Metro Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over Coax allows us to deliver high speed mission-critical Internet connections to businesses that require extremely low latency and guaranteed uptime. Ethernet over Coax can also be offered in either Internet or private bandwidth scenarios as well.

For example, if a multi-location business wanted each site to connect privately back to their parent office without needing a VPN, we can configure the Ethernet over Coax lines in a private Wide Area Network environment. The company’s data would never reach the public Internet, and we can also work with the company to set up localized encryption as well.

Right now we have a long-time client that’s in the process of upgrading all of their remote locations throughout Massachusetts to Ethernet over Coax, as their growth and expansion has led them to need more bandwidth than their legacy T1 lines were providing. This particular customer uses a customized Point of Sale software solution that required extremely low latency, which the T1 lines delivered for a number of years. Recent growth has led them to need more bandwidth, but they still need very low latency and guaranteed throughput which led us to recommending Ethernet over Coax.

Unlike the longer installation timelines of Metro Ethernet, all of the locations are installing in a matter of a few weeks instead of a few months. This is allowing our customer’s IT team to smoothly transition the stores from the legacy T1 lines to the Ethernet over Coax connections, and since they’re keeping the same hardware and static IP assignments it means no software or security reconfiguration is necessary.

Best of all, the customer is seeing 8x the bandwidth for almost the same monthly price they were paying before. Their speed is still 100% guaranteed, their uptime carries a 99.99% SLA, and we’re able to proactively monitor their connections 24×7 to spot issues before they become a potential outage.

Ethernet over Coax has been a great service offering for our customers in New England, as we can offer it in multiple states; regardless of what vendor might be providing the physical coax connection to the customer’s sites, they all come back to our network where MegaNet controls the routing (both public and private) as well as the Internet access. This way customers who have locations in multiple states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut can use MegaNet for Ethernet over Coax service at all of their locations.

With the way bandwidth needs are rapidly increasing, it’s good for companies to know that they have a lot of options at their disposal to make sure their employees are staying productive. Ethernet over Coax is just another way MegaNet is helping businesses stay connected with mission-critical Internet access and supporting their network.




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