Three Reasons Your Business Should Use Metro Ethernet

Internet access has come a long way in just the past 15 years. Companies have a wide range of Internet access options to choose from, based on their network needs and budget, unlike “the good old days” when just about everyone was using dialup access.

"Cloud Computing" by ddpavumbaBusinesses have gone from seeing the Internet as a potentially useful tool to considering it absolutely critical to their day to day operations. Many companies try to find the delicate balance between reliability and budget-friendly when it comes to their choice of Internet connections, but the fact of the matter is that highest reliability should always win out. Some Internet options may be less expensive on a monthly basis, but if they have issues or outages, the losses a company incurs may completely offset any cost savings they thought they might be getting.

When it comes to reliability and performance, Metro Ethernet is not only tops on the list, it’s also become much more widely available and budget friendly over the past few years. Metro Ethernet will continue to grow in popularity with businesses, and here are the three key reasons why you should be using it as your primary Internet access service.

1 – Performance. Metro Ethernet has one of the absolute lowest latencies of any Internet service, making it an excellent choice for companies who routinely stream large amounts of video, transfer large files, or use VoIP/digital voice for their phone service. The faster data packets are transferred in and out over your Internet connection, the better the quality of service. Metro Ethernet provides one of the best platforms for data transfer which makes it a top choice for manufacturers, professional firms, and service providers alike.

2 – Reliability. It’s critical that any Internet connection have the highest in uptime and availability. When your Internet is down, your production and productivity are down, plain and simple. Metro Ethernet carries one of the highest SLAs of any Internet service, and very often offers 99.999% uptime guarantees. Bandwidth is guaranteed as well with Metro Ethernet, unlike with some lower cost shared-line Internet access services. You get exactly what you pay for, and bandwidth is synchronous in both directions. This ensures your uploads and outbound traffic have the same priority and availability as your downloads.

3- Upgradability. More and more services and applications are moving to the cloud. Email, data backups, CRM tools and more are now hosted services, requiring businesses to have enough bandwidth to satisfy general Internet use along with all of these services now hosted offsite. Metro Ethernet’s upgrade path makes sure your business has enough bandwidth now, and will have enough bandwidth for years to come. Speeds begin at 10M, and many locations are upgradable all the way through 10GB. As more and more services move online and applications become more bandwidth intensive, your business can easily double… triple… even quadruple it’s Internet speed with just a phone call. No more lengthy or expensive installs just to upgrade – Metro Ethernet gives you one option to cover many different bandwidth needs.

If your business is considering looking into new Internet access services, make sure Metro Ethernet is in your mix. It will cover your bandwidth needs both now and in the future.

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