Save with Metro Ethernet!

Businesses have been increasing the amount of tasks and daily functions they need to perform online daily, and as a result, bandwidth use has been skyrocketing.

While some businesses have been getting by on lower cost/lower reliability services, others have recognized the need to have a guaranteed, reliable bandwidth solution that doesn’t break the bank. For those businesses, we offer our Metro Ethernet service.

Starting at just $1199 for 10M guaranteed bandwidth, Metro Ethernet provides the scalability and reliability your business needs. You no longer need to sit through another 30 day install timeframe to add another T1 to your network – with Metro Ethernet, bandwidth upgrades are just a single call away.

Don’t get stuck with a “business” product that’s really a re-branded residential service. Metro Ethernet offers you guaranteed bandwidth, guaranteed reliability, and guaranteed scalability.

Contact us today to learn more about how MegaNet’s Metro Ethernet will help maximize your business performance!

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Billing Alert (06/21/24): We have received some reports of non-customers receiving credit card charges from "Meganet.Net". This charge is unrelated to our company, not charged by us, and you should work with your credit card issuer to investigate the issue in greater depth. Thank you.