Hosted PBX Phone Service


Your business never sits still. Your employees may be down the hall, across the nation, or even on the other side of the world. And your customers could be anywhere too. You need a communications solution that can help you keep in touch faster and more efficiently than ever. MegaNet Virtual Office PBX can take you there.

Hosted PBX phone lines begin at just $14.99/month.

Virtual Office PBX Benefits include:

  • Amazing value – You’ll save up to 50% on your monthly phone service.
  • Complete communications solution – You could drive yourself crazy buying phones from one place, calling plans from another, and then dealing with outside fax, call recording, and conferencing services. Get all these services on one bill, from one experienced and reliable provider.
  • Simple to use – Virtual Office PBX has a flexible set up to get you the services that your business needs. All you need is an Internet connection to tap into all the great phone and calling features waiting for you with Virtual Office PBX.
  • Quality and reliability – Superior call quality and reliability; with MegaNet it just works better. Flexible call routing means that power outages or inclement weather never impact inbound calls to your business.
  • One advanced phone system – With employees anywhere, all of your workers are on the same advanced phone system. Whether they are remote, traveling, or across the hall, your employees can be an extension call away from each other.

Toll free numbers and rates are also available for customers – move your existing numbers over, or we can provide new toll free numbers for you at any time. MegaNet’s extremely flexible voice services grow with your company, without the hassle of additional wiring, site visits, or hourly rates simply to add a new phone or employee to your system.

By simplifying and integrating communications, we can help you be more productive, operate more efficiently, and save incredible amounts of time and money. That’s what unified communications from MegaNet is all about.

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