Metro Ethernet


Dedicated Metro Ethernet connectivity starts at just $799/month!

Companies who use high speed Internet as a critical part of their business plan may need a faster bandwidth connection than T1 lines or cable modems may provide. Metro Ethernet services continue to deliver the mission critical reliability and uptime of T1, with a larger bandwidth port to support larger Local Area Networks. Metro Ethernet networks can provide an optimal upgrade path from traditional T1-based Wide Area Networks.

Should YOU consider Metro Ethernet? Common decision drivers include:

  • Increasing LAN size
  • Internally hosted servers and applications being accessed 24×7 by clients and remote users
  • Key applications rely on streaming audio or video for optimal performance
  • Need for scalable, guaranteed high speed Internet bandwidth

No matter what your bandwidth needs are, MegaNet has a service that will provide an exact fit for your business. Metro Ethernet speed ranges from 10Mbps – 1Gbps and can be upgraded without any additional installations or wait times.

Additional Ethernet services such as Ethernet over Copper and Ethernet over Coax are also available from MegaNet.

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