Connect your multiple locations with DSL, T1, and Metro Ethernet

One of the most common concerns a business has when we speak with them is about their inter-office data; companies with multiple locations often need to share services and data, and want to make sure they’re doing so as efficiently (and as cost effectively) as possible.

In many situations, a managed VPN can often take care of any and all issues right from the start. With the larger amounts of bandwidth available to businesses now, the overhead of a VPN doesn’t have the impact it may have back when a company was using 384K SDSL connections at their offices, for instance. In addition to larger bandwidth pipes, VPN encryption itself has become much more streamlined to improve performance.

Using a managed VPN with MegaNet to connect multiple locations together becomes even more cost effective when you realize you only need to pay for the exact type of connection needed at each location. Have just 3 employees at one site? A DSL line can easily provide enough bandwidth for web surfing and VPN use (in most instances). Need more reliability? T1 service should fit just fine. Have a large amount of employees? Metro Ethernet can provide more than enough bandwidth for surfing, file transfers, VoIP calls, and VPN use.

Having a managed VPN also means that your security needs are always kept up to date. We’ll provide all firmware and security updates as needed to make sure company LANs and servers are always kept protected. We can also add new remote users in a matter of minutes, so if your COO is travelling, they can easily get back into the corporate network to update sensitive documents from the road.

Many times we can also build a truly private network for a multiple location company using a combination of services, but without needing a VPN. Some businesses need to maintain a truly private network for regulatory or internal process reasons, and MegaNet can assist in designing a truly private WAN (Wide Area Network) using various bandwidth options. Internal traffic will never reach (or be seen from) the public Internet, giving many businesses an additional layer of protection and security.

When designing a multi-site network, it’s also important to consider the traffic flow between sites to ensure that there won’t be any bottlenecks anywhere among the sites. Our engineers have been designing private and public networks since 1996, and our experience can be put to use in helping develop your new WAN. A business with multiple locations in the NorthEast, particularly in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York can take advantage of our network to provide inter-site traffic at a very competitive price.

If your business is looking to expand, or wants to look into better performance, please let us know. We can take a look at your needs and potential future growth to determine the best options to connect your sites securely while increasing your network performance.

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