Convenience vs. Cost

Once you’re up and running, however, the convenience of having the “all in one do it yourself” panel can have some drawbacks, usually related to service and support. Many online-based providers that offer those solutions neglect to offer something that can be critical – real time, live support. As a managed services provider, we’ve had calls and emails from customers who are at their wit’s end trying to get something accomplished with another provider with no success. Some times it’s a domain name move or change, perhaps it’s figuring out how to get to their email that they’ve been locked out of, or in a worst case scenario, dealing with an unauthorized domain name move. In almost every instance, the customer’s been directed to a support form, or online FAQ, with no way to call someone to get the problem resolved quickly and easily. MegaNet clients have always enjoyed the convenience of picking up the phone and giving us a call if they have a problem, and we do our best to address those problems as fast as we can. Email and online-based contacts are great for users on the go, however sometimes a quick call is all that’s needed. And if we can’t answer a question right away, our clients know they can count on us to reach back out to them as soon as we can. Don’t let the convenience and low costs of some online-only based providers stand in the way of having reliable service – with a valued partner like MegaNet, we can help out in many different ways, with multiple ways for you to contact us. We’re here to help keep you up and running, while YOU run your business. Have questions? Like we said, give us a call! You can reach us at 508-646-0030 or toll free 877-634-2638; if email’s your preference,

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