E-mail Archiving

Emails can contain anything – from correspondence between employees, to company information and critical corporate data. 2006 updates to US FRCP regulations state that emails requested as evidence in a court case must be provided during the earliest planning stages of a trial. Even the information is privileged, or “not reasonably accessible due to undue burden or cost”, a court may still require that you disclose the sources of the information so they can decide whether you must produce it anyway – or provide access to the sources, so the other party can “conduct a sampling” or “inspection” of your organization’s stored data directly. Given the potential sensitivity of email content, it’s vital to ensure fast, reliable access to your email records.

What is MessageMirror?


MessageMirror is a simple email archiving solution for storing, retrieving and searching all emails sent and received through your Meganet hosted Exchange service.

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