Make Data Backup A 2011 Resolution

right way. Don’t go another year without having a solid and concise plan for your data backup needs. In this article we will look at some methods you may be using now and how you can improve them with MegaBackup Online Backup and Recovery Service.

Backing Up Data The Right Way

There are many ways to backup your data. The examples below illustrate some crude but readily available methods some of us take. With MegaBackup, you can improve your backup and recovery plan in all aspects.

What You’re Backing Up To

Old Way:
  • External hard drive.

  • USB sticks.

  • Copy to another PC in your network.

With MegaBackup:
  • Data backup to the cloud.

  • Many servers and many hard drive storage arrays.

  • Backing up to a central grid over the internet.

It’s important to evaluate

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