Small Business 101: Buy a Hybrid

For many small business, cost for a product or service is the corner stone of the purchasing decision. E-mail is the most crucial tool for day to day productivity. At MegaNet, we field a lot of questions from clients asking to setup their own Dedicated Mail Server. These services are not always the lowest cost solutions for the client.

Enter the Hybrid.

MegaNet can offer a mixed (or hybrid) environment of Hosted Microsoft Exchange and basic POP/IMAP accounts. This allows small business to only purchase the necessary Exchange mailboxes for a better price point solution.

Hosted Exchange


When you entrust Meganet to provide hosted Exchange, you hand over your entire business communications. That’s why we offer a 100% data protection guarantee with our newest offering – hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010.


Eliminate the hours spent managing and administering your in-house server and let us handle it for you – giving you more time back to run your business. We make it easy to switch, and with the added benefits of Exchange 2010, there’s never been a better time.

    • Protect the data you need to generate revenue. You keep money in a bank. Business email, calendars and contacts should be kept in fully redundant data centers – not in a single server at your office. We protect our customers’ information in four data centers allowing us to guarantee 100% data protection guarantee.

    • Eliminate large upfront expenses and reduce costs. An Exchange server costs thousands – even more to add BlackBerry support. Hosted Exchange is a service. No hardware, no upfront expenses, no maintenance. Our per-user monthly fee is a fraction of the cost of maintaining Exchange in-house.

More Features

    • Calendar sharing and group scheduling
    • Resource scheduling
    • Contact sharing
    • Task management
    • Enhanced security
    • Backup & recovery
    • Offline access
    • Public folders

Basic POP/IMAP Accounts

We have recently written about the differences betweetn POP and IMAP. We’ve also written about how IMAP is great for your smart phone.

Basic POP and IMAP are your standard e-mail protocols. It is the core for sending and receiving messages to individuals. Because it’s a basic service offering, there are no fancy bells or whistles. There are no collaboration add-ons or file sharing features included with the basic accounts.

You want e-mail – you’ve got it with a solid POP/IMAP account from MegaNet.

Put Them Together And What Do You Get? Hybrid.

Only need 1 Exchange mailbox for the CEO and 99 POP accounts for the rest of the company?

Need 20 Exchange mailboxes including 20 Blackberry sync accounts?

Not sure what you need?

With a Hybrid solution from MegaNet we can mix and match for you. We can hit the sweet spot of cost efficiency and productivity. Speak to one of our account executives today and ask us what is best for your small business!

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MegaNet Bonus: We offer free Outlook 2010 installation with your purchase of a MegaNet Hosted Exchange account!

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