The Smartphone Phenomenon

I’ve been meaning to write up something about smartphone usage relevant to our customer base.  It’s a very diverse topic and we will probably be posting more about it in the future.  But for today I wanted to mention some general information and recommended resources.
We have experienced  a steady rise in smartphone related helpdesk calls.  With the success of the iphone, blackberry, and android platforms it’s not unexpected but what has been surprising is the amount of “general usage” questions that are coming our way versus the expected questions specific to using these platforms with our products and services.  While we would love to be able to quickly answer every technical device question posed by our customers, it’s just not possible given the diversity of devices and carriers. For example, a blackberry on Verizon is not exactly the same as a blackberry on AT&T, not to mention differences in carrier’s plans and service terminology (this probably creates the most confusion for our customers from our point of view).
That said, our general recommendation is to actively research your chosen smartphone platform.  There are hundreds of blogs and support forums available for each platform.  The best place to start is your wireless carrier’s device support site.  We are especially fond of http://erictric.com for general information. -J.S.
Key sites for specific platforms:

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