Voice over IP (VoIP) FAQ

Of all of the services we offer, VoIP tends to be the one most asked about. Many of our clients ask about how it works, the quality of calls, etc. and we’d like to help answer some of those questions for you right now.

1) How is the quality of the phone calls? This is the most commonly asked questions, and rightfully so, as we remember what VoIP calls sounded like when the technology first started spreading. VoIP calls sound as good as, or in some cases even better than, regular landline calls. Of course, the quality of the Internet connection plays a big part in this equation, however nearly any quality high-speed connection will provide great phone call quality. In fact, we’ve often had VoIP clients tell us they’ve had callers mistakenly assume calls might have dropped because the quality was so clear, with minimal background noise.

2) Where do my calls go exactly? When our VoIP users make a call, our local phone switch determines the call destination, then chooses from a number of voice carriers to provide the best path for that call. Our equipment, along with the phone company handling the other end of the call, provide all of the conversion if needed. This also helps provide great call quality, along with the lower VoIP pricing.

3) Do I need to use my computer to make phone calls? Not at all! There are three ways you can use VoIP in your home or business. If you are a residential user, we offer a small device you’d plug into your existing phone, and then into a home router to provide VoIP. There’s no need to sit in front of your computer using a headset. For businesses that have an existing PBX phone system that handles local voicemail and internal extensions, we have an adapter that will work with your existing system.  And for those users who want to go with the full fledged hosted PBX system, we offer Cisco/Linksys phones pre-programmed to provide all the options and features you’d expect.

4) How much of a cost savings can I expect? Our residential users see savings of around 35% on average. Many business customers average around the same savings, with some larger businesses reporting a nearly 50% savings every month! Your current use and calling areas can help us determine how much savings you might expect to see.

5) Who would VoIP benefit? Realistically, it can benefit EVERYONE. Residential users with high speed Internet connections can save money every month, small businesses can drastically reduce their phone bills while adding in a host of features normally associated with expensive hardware systems like voicemail, auto attendants, voicemail to email, and find me/follow me. Larger businesses, especially those with multiple locations and remote employees, see a huge cost benefit as all internal calls are free, regardless of the caller locations.

We hope this helps shed some light on the benefits of Voice over IP, and we’re happy to answer any other questions you have. Contact us at  sales@meganet.net or call 508-646-0030 and let’s see how we can help you save money and grow your business with VoIP!

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