VoIP and Small to Medium Business Cost Savings

It’s certainly no secret that businesses are always looking for reliable phone services that can reliably fit into their budget. As VoIP and digital voice become more widely adopted (a recent study has shown that VoIP usage is growing by 15% per year), businesses are seeing the benefits of both having more features and options than ever before, in addition to seeing the cost savings that VoIP can provide to them. It’s not uncommon to see upwards of 30% monthly savings over analog POTS lines when used by small to medium businesses here in New England.

One of the best features of VoIP is that it’s very often carrier agnostic – you can use VoIP over nearly any Internet connection, so long as it’s reliable (and fast). It’s common to see packages that offer VoIP and Internet bundled together, in fact we offer bundles for both residential and business customers, to help cost control across both phone and Internet service. But it’s not a requirement to have services with the same company, as long as a potential client has reliable Internet service through DSL, cable modem, or any other high speed connection, they can get VoIP telephone services through us. And, that’s very often the case regardless of the carrier.

Many carriers are now offering unlimited nationwide calling with their phone packages to help entice customers to sign on with them and keep their landlines, now that cell phone usage has become so much

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