Were your servers colocated in a data center during Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone here on the East Coast, and it’s safe to say we’re all happy to see her go. Widespread power and telco outages are still ongoing throughout the Northeast, affecting hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses.

Many businesses in the Northeast are used to inclement weather, and a good number of those who have servers that need to be accessed 24×7 have colocated them in a datacenter. This helps them take advantage of reliable uptime, larger bandwidth limits than they may have seen by hosting the servers locally, and on top of all that, they usually end up saving money on power and environmentals.

24 hours after the brunt of Hurricane Sandy hit us in Massachusetts, there are still countless businesses dealing with a lack of power and a lack of telco facilities. Last year, during Hurricane Irene, some businesses were completely off the grid for nearly a week. If your business relies on customers accessing your network or servers in order to help you make money, that type of outage could be catastrophic.

Our datacenter located in Providence, Rhode Island maintained 100% uptime during Hurricane Sandy. Clients who maintained their servers in that facility, or have us managing their servers for them, were able to keep conducting business as much as possible during the bad weather. We’ve all come to learn that every business operates in a global economy nowadays; just because the East Coast was being battered doesn’t mean that your potential clients weren’t online, looking to make a purchase from you.

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