Residential DSL

MegaNet Communications offers high speed home Internet service in Massachusetts.

With our home DSL Internet service, you’ll get:

  • High-speed Internet connection to your home
  • All required hardware and software to connect your computer to high speed Internet service
  • National dialup access when traveling
  • MegaNet email account with webmail access to check your email from anywhere

Friendly technical support available until 7pm Eastern on weekdays and Saturdays.

To sign up with MegaNet, or to learn more about our high speed Internet service, please contact us online or give us a call at 508-646-0030.

DSL Internet Service Pricing

Max Speed (Download/Upload) IP Type Monthly Cost
Up to 1Mbps/384Kbps Dynamic $24.63
Up to 3Mbps/768Kbps Dynamic $41.63
Up to 5Mbps/768Kbps Dynamic $47.63
Up to 7Mbps/768Kbps Dynamic $53.63
Up to 10Mbps/1Mbps Dynamic $58.96
Up to 15Mbps/1Mbps Dynamic $66.96

Taxes and fees included.

Term Startup Fee
Month to Month $99.00
1 Year $60.00
2 Years $0.00

When you sign up for our DSL Internet service, we will provide you with a DSL modem with built-in WiFi, so that you can also connect wirelessly with your wireless devices, such as your smart phone. DSL Internet speed availability can be verified by contacting us with your full address at any time at 508-646-0030.

A debit card, credit card, or an e-checking account must be provided for monthly billing. Cancellation of service during a contract period requires the return of our DSL modem and a $199 early-termination fee. However, if you would like to continue service at a new residence where we can provide DSL service, you can continue service with a new contract without being held to the previous contract’s early-termination fee. You should contact us with your new potential address to check for DSL service availability.

Once a contract has expired, it is not necessary to renew it, and once that contract is up, Meganet reserves the right to amend pricing. However, we have never raised prices on existing customers. For new customers, state and federal taxes and fees are already included in the prices shown above.

DSL Internet can be installed on your existing Verizon land-line telephone number, but existing telephone service is not necessary, as we can also install DSL Internet as a new connection that does not require existing telephone service.

Please give us a call for more information.