Meganet Now Offering Up to 10 & 15Mbps (Download Speeds) DSL at Qualifying Locations

Meganet Communications is proud to offer new and existing DSL users additional speed options effective immediately.

Previously, DSL download speeds were limited to up to 7Mbps. With the additional options now available through Meganet, customers at qualifying locations can choose from the following packages:

Download/Upload Speed & Price:
10Mbps/1Mbps: $58.96
15Mbps/1Mbps: $66.96

As these higher speeds are reliant on distance from the local telephone company’s central office, not all addresses will qualify. When contacting sales, our team will let you know what the fastest available speed is at any particular location. Please note, Meganet’s DSL service is only offered in the state of Massachusetts.

With faster speeds, you can do more online, and quicker. Websites load quicker, videos stream with little-to-no buffering, and downloads are considerably quicker.

Want to see how faster internet access help you? Give us a call at 508-646-0030!

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Billing Alert (06/21/24): We have received some reports of non-customers receiving credit card charges from "Meganet.Net". This charge is unrelated to our company, not charged by us, and you should work with your credit card issuer to investigate the issue in greater depth. Thank you.