When speed and reliability matters, Metro Ethernet is a solid choice

Think about the business that you conduct on the web every day. Perhaps you trade securities on the stock market, or maybe you’re sending extremely large files to an office on the other side of the country. For many companies, most if not all of their business is done on the internet. And for many of these businesses, dealing with slow, unreliable internet connections has become a way of life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could get access to highly-reliable, blazing-fast internet access at an affordable price? Then you may be interested in Metro Ethernet services offered by Meganet.

With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, a Metro Ethernet connection can handle virtually anything you throw at it. Even more, Metro-E lines are known for their up-time, which ensures you and your employees remain productive at all times.

Our New England-based support group monitors your connection 24/7, making sure access to the web is available at all times. For those rare instances when something does go wrong, Meganet is usually already aware of the issue before you are, and is already working to restore service before you can even pick up the phone.

Speaking of support, Metro Ethernet customers receive first-class technical support. We understand how important your connectivity to the web is, and we take our obligation to ensure speed and reliability extremely seriously.

For customers looking to build out their entire communications networks with Meganet, we also offer reliable IP-based telephone services – powered by Cisco. In addition, Meganet offers backup services for personal computers and server systems.

We are eager and standing by to see how Meganet can help your business get online quickly, reliably, and affordably. Please give us a call at 508-646-0030 for a no-obligation consultation, or reach out via email: sales@meganet.net.

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