Announcing MegaNet Fiber Internet and Ethernet Over Coax

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just rolled out two new services available to businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island – MegaNet Fiber Internet Service and Ethernet over Coax!

MegaNet Fiber Internet Service

Our new Fiber Internet Service is based off of the FiOS platform, and offers businesses speeds anywhere from 25M through 500M (if available). This new service is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses that need more speed in order to keep up with cloud applications, data uploads and streams, and Software as a Service, but don’t need the mission-critical reliability of Metro Ethernet fiber service.

Because the new MegaNet Fiber Internet Service uses the FiOS network to deliver Internet speeds to businesses, it’s only available in areas where FiOS is already offered. If your city Drawing a Networkor town does not have FiOS availability right now, unfortunately our new services would not be available. Much like DSL, our ability to deliver Fiber Internet Service does depend on the Verizon network and their facilities. In areas where FiOS is available, though, MegaNet Fiber Internet Service is available as well.

Ethernet over Coax

Ethernet over Coax allows us to deliver ethernet technology over coax (also known as cable modem) service. This will provide businesses with extremely low latency connections, with bandwidth available up through 10M. We can offer Ethernet over Coax in both public and private bandwidth options, which makes it an extremely attractive option for companies that have multiple locations. Larger sites in that type of setup can benefit from Metro Ethernet, and smaller sites can use Ethernet over Coax to provide dedicated private links back to the main company locations.

Because it’s extremely low latency, Ethernet over Coax provides a great connectivity solution for real time services such as video, VoIP, and hosted services such as CRM and ERP applications. While the reliability and SLA guarantees may not match those of fiber-based Metro Ethernet, Ethernet over Coax more than makes up for it with it’s cost friendly budget. Businesses that previously had to rely on providing VPN services for security can now reduce overhead and operating costs by moving to a truly private and secure Wide Area Network solution.

If you have any questions at all about our new services and how they might benefit your company, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’d be happy to talk with you and learn more about what you’re using now, and how any of our services might be able to improve your productivity and provide more reliability to your network. You can reach us by using the contact forms to the left of the screen, calling our sales team at 508-646-0030 (toll free at 877-634-2638), or by sending us an email.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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