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Take a moment to think about how much your business relies on its internet connection. Odds are, it probably does rather singificantly.

Now ask yourself, “is my internet connection as fast as it should be?”

Many may flat-out say no. Particularly those utilizing DSL connections running over the telephone lines.

But faster options (much faster) could readily be available with Meganet’s Ethernet and Fiber services. Let’s take a look at these services in depth:

Fiber services: based on FiOS delivers fast, low latency speeds for both uploads and downloads at a lower cost than our Ethernet service. It’s the perfect solution for the business that needs larger bandwidth connections on a smaller budget and need better performance than DSL or cable modem.

Ethernet private line: a dedicated private connection between multiple locations for companies that need secure site to site Wide Area Networks. Variable bandwidth and guaranteed reliability will ensure that your network remains up and running for your crucial network needs. Ethernet Private Line will benefit your network by providing one simple network to transport all of your Internet, voice and data traffic. Bandwidth ports can easily upgraded, providing a truly cost-effective solution designed to fit your exact needs.

Ethernet over coax: Ethernet over Coax allows businesses to use coax services (also known as cable modem) to gain extremely low latency Internet services. Ethernet over Coax can be used for public Internet access, or it can be configured to work in a private multi-site Wide Area Network solution. It’s the perfect alternative for companies with multiple locations who were previously using VPN over T1 or DSL. Ethernet over Coax will increase their performance and security while decreasing points of failure and operating costs, making for a much more robust and manageable Wide Area Network.

Ethernet over copper: In locations where direct fiber is not available, Ethernet over Copper services can provide high speed Internet bandwidth in speeds ranging from 2M through 20M. This presents a perfect solution for growing businesses that need more upstream/downstream speed than T1, DSL, or high speed cable Internet services can supply.

We put you first

With 24×7 proactive monitoring, we ensure your connection’s stablity and work to resolve problems before you may even know they exist. And when you need to speak to a person, you know you’re reaching a friendly, New England-based support technician. No long holds!

We offer much more than internet

One of the things customers have told us they love about our company is that we can offer a variety of other services. These include web and email hosting, data backup, IT security, colocation, and voice services.

We’re excited to get to know you

Give us a call at 508-646-0030 when you’re ready to speak to our team of sales specialists, who can guide you and recommend which service/s work best for you. Additionally, you may email sales@meganet.net.

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