Hosted PBX: One less worry when it comes to communication

An overwhelming amount of businesses today are still using old-fashioned telephone systems. But why?

For many businesses, change is hard. After all, why change something that’s working?

A few reasons, actually. First, Hosted PBX is affordable. Which means in a great majority of cases, it’s less expensive than your current phone solution.

Secondly, Hosted PBX offers a variety of features not available through traditional phone lines. We’re talking on-the-fly extension changes, FAX-to-email, and crystal-clear voice quality.

And it’s powered by Cisco IP phones.

The best part is that you don’t need to expend time and money on maintaining your phone system. Hosted PBX through Meganet ensures your phone systems are constantly up to date. This also means that you don’t need to take room in your office for phone equipment. Since Hosted PBX works through your existing Internet connection, all equipment is housed in our secure data center.

If you’re a growing business, Hosted PBX easily scales up with you. On the contrary, if you run a seasonal business, the Hosted PBX system can easily scale down, as well.

You don’t even need a new phone number, either. Meganet can port your existing telephone number so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to receiving calls from your customers.

Other features we love:

– Advanced call forwarding
– Phone number fail safe
– Voicemail to email
– Caller ID blocking
– Phone-based management
– Easy conference calling
– Find me/Follow me features
– Much more

All of this means one less worry for you when it comes to communication with your partners and customers.

Still need more convincing? Take a look at our printer-friendly guide “10 reasons you should switch to Digital Voice”, downloadable here.

We’re here to help. Give us a call at 508-646-0030 or email sales@meganet.net for more information. If you’re not looking for a new phone system, perhaps you might be interested at our Digital PRI service starting at $299.95 with unlimited usages in the United States.

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