Is There An Internet Access Problem In The Fall River Industrial Park?

Many major cities count a good sized industrial park as part of their commercial base. In this area alone, we have industrial parks in Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton, and Plymouth to name a few. Not only do these industrial parks provide cities with revenue, they also help employ thousands of local workers which help keep local job markets and economies strong.

When businesses look to potentially open or relocate in an industrial park, they consider many various aspects that will impact their decision. Local tax rates, proximity to highways, employee workforce availability, building and lot sizes, and park infrastructure all come into play. So many aspects of running a business are tied into reliable communications network – after all, if your clients can’t call you, and you can’t email vendors or track shipments online, you’re in for some major headaches. We’ve done what we can to help businesses here in Fall River by offering mission-critical dedicated wireless solutionsT1 accessDSL, and fiber-based Metro Ethernet services to make sure our services fit a wide range of budgets and speed requirements.

Businesses here in Fall River have always been able to get reliable dedicated Internet access services from us, along with a large number of other local and national carriers. Having a choice is always a good thing for consumers, as it encourages competition and better services for everyone involved. However, some of our clients in the Fall River Industrial Park let us know years ago that they were still experiencing problems with their services; while the bandwidth and the speeds weren’t a concern, reliability was. The older wiring located around and within the Industrial Park would experience problems when there was heavy rain, strong winds, and excess moisture due to melting snow and ice in the winter. Because of those ongoing issues, we began work on a dedicated wireless network to bypass that wiring beginning in 2006.

As we approach 2014, that dedicated wireless network is still up and running, and in fact it’s been expanded and upgraded multiple times to help provide more services and bandwidth to our clients in the Fall River Industrial Park. Not only is it reliable thanks to bypassing problematic wiring, it’s available at a lower cost to comparable bandwidth services like T1 and Metro Ethernet and also comes with a Service Level Agreement, something other lower cost services don’t offer. MegaNet Business Wireless also has a rapid installation window as well for businesses who need more speed quickly.

Of course, MegaNet Business Wireless is just one of many different options available within the Fall River Industrial Park; Metro Ethernet is readily available from MegaNet as well as a number of other carriers. Wireless services are also available from different providers – again, competition is a good thing!

With all of the services available, however, it’s still a bit concerning that there’s a misconception that there’s no high speed Internet access available within the Fall River Industrial Park. An article today noted that concern as part of a larger story about businesses within the Industrial Park, and it’s a concern that some may feel is being overstated. While it’s true that there are a few types of access that aren’t available within the Industrial Park (due to distance or wiring issues, just like on the outskirts of many other municipalities), that area of the city does indeed have plenty of high speed Internet access available to it, through a number of different providers over a number of various delivery methods. Given the growth within the Industrial Park over the past few years, and it’s continued expansion, we’d be very disappointed if a prospective tenant opted not to investigate opening their doors in Fall River due to not having all the information at hand.

Fall River has proven to be a great home base for new and growing businesses, and we’re sure that’s a trend that will continue for decades to come. We’re always available to help anyone and everyone with questions about local services and infrastructure to make sure they know the Fall River area is ready to help their business thrive and succeed.

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