Upgrades To Our Network Enhances Colocation And Dedicated Server Services

We’re always working on upgrading our network and services here at MegaNet to ensure our clients have access to the best, most reliable services we can offer.

Some recent upgrades we’ve completed have helped us enhance the services we can offer to customers who colocate or have dedicated servers in our Providence, RI data center. Specifically, clients who have servers in our complex in a colocation setup can now also host servers in our Fall River data center, and the servers in both locations can work on the same subnet.

What does this mean? Essentially, traffic can be switched/routed between locations as if they were in the same physical space. So a subnet of IPs can have two servers on it; one server in Providence Rhode Island, and one server in Fall River Massachusetts. Traffic can go to either server and be switched as if the machines were sitting near each other in the same physical space. This is accomplished via our internal VLAN, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity between our sites.

This is a great feature for redundancy and geographic failover, as customers who have servers in our Foundry complex can place backup servers in our Fall River datacenter, and traffic between both servers in separate locations will be seamless. This is especially helpful for businesses that are required to have geographic failover for regulatory/compliance guidelines as well, such as financial and healthcare-related companies.

Our Providence datacenter is extremely robust – it’s on the same power grid as the Providence Place Mall along with a number of major hospitals, in addition to having generator backup that’s tested weekly. Bandwidth comes in from a number of international carriers (and we’re a carrier neutral facility as well, in case a tenant needs to bring in their own connectivity), so power and access are well taken care of. However, we’re seeing more call for certain industries to meet or exceed regulations when it comes to failover and data redundancy. This upgrade to our network allows both existing and new clients to take advantage of true geographic failover when it comes to their colocation services.

If your business requires your offsite data to comply with geographic failover or redundancy guidelines, feel free to contact us! We’ll be happy to learn more about the specific setup your company requires, and make some recommendations on how MegaNet’s services could help or compliment your needs. Feel free to call us toll free at 877-MEGANET (634-2638), or use one of the contact buttons to the right in order to reach a knowledgeable account representative.

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