Keeping your email account secure

As 2016 wraps up, we would just like to remind you to please take steps to ensure that your email accounts stay safe and secure in the new year.

1. Please remember that we here at Meganet will never send you an email asking you for your password. Nor will we ever send you link asking you to update your Meganet account information in an online form. Such emails are sent by hackers, whom are trying to gain access to your account. Once a hacker has access to your account, they can gain your personal information that could help them gain access to more of your accounts while posing as you. It could also lead to identity theft. Such links could also be a computer virus. Such emails should be disregarded and deleted. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us.

2. When creating online accounts and you use your email address as the username, but please do not use your Meganet email password as the password for your new account, such as on online forums, shopping sites, group membership, etc. When you use your email address as the username, and your Meganet email password as the password, you are giving individuals at that company, access to your email account. You may feel safe thinking that it’s a reputable company; however, it only takes one individual with bad intentions to steal your information. Also, keep in mind that some companies may not be legitimate, operate overseas, or even outsource overseas.

3. You should contact us to change your password if it is very simple; like a dictionary word, all numbers, or if it’s the same as your username. Hackers know about such simple vulnerabilities, and use them to their advantage.

Also, hackers can use compromised Meganet email accounts to send out SPAM messages to hundreds of email accounts, many of which may no longer exist as they use expired mailing lists. When an email is sent to an email address that does not exist, it is returned to the sender. If this happens many times, Meganet’s email sever gets reported as a spamer and we unfortunately end up on a Block List, preventing our customers from sending email. For example, if a compromised Meganet email account sends hundreds of emails to Yahoo email addresses that don’t exist, like hello1@yahoo.com, hello2@yahoo.com, hello3@yahoo.com, etc…, Yahoo’s email server will block Meganet as a spammer, and then our customer will not be able to send email to their family, friends, and colleagues, who use a Yahoo email account. Spammers also send to hundreds of non-existing email addresses intentionally with the intention of causing email service providers, like Meganet, to end up on Block Lists.

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