Hosted Solutions That Can Reduce Your Overhead

Have you given any thought to how much you’re spending on keeping your critical business functions alive?

Phone systems, email, web sites, and more. Many businesses choose to host all of these services on-site. But there’s a less expensive and more reliable way to ensure your business keeps in touch with the world with incredible reliability.

Hosted solutions.

To explain it simply, a hosted solution is one in which the service you subscribe to is hosted not at your location, but at a secure data center. For you, that means spending less money on maintaining equipment, electricity, and more.

Even better, you needn’t worry about upgrading software or replacing hardware. That’s all done for you by our trained team.

Email and Web Hosting

Hosted services extend beyond your website. Have an Exchange server at the office you’re using to receive email? Consider Hosted Exchange email service provided by Meganet. It boasts all of the features you require without the overhead of running your own Exchange server.

If Exchange isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, Office 365 + Apps is another popular solution being adopted by more and more businesses today.

Beyond email, hosting your website is as easy as can be with Meganet. With exceptional reliability and Windows/Linux platforms upon which you can build your website, our web hosting service is a great way to publicize your business on the web.


Telephone systems today are outdated and costly to maintain. When something goes wrong, you’re likely going to be spending quite a bit to get repairs done — if it’s even feasible at all.

One of Meganet’s fastest-growing services is VoIP, or Voice over IP (Internet). Servers are securely stored in our data centers, and service-improving updates are pushed regularly to customer phones without any interaction at all. It just works. And in many cases, it will cost you less than what the telephone company is charging you.

You can read more about our voice services here.


Does your business have backups in place to protect against catastrophic data loss? In many cases, you would be surprised to find out the answer is no. With the affordability of backup services, however, there’s no reason why any business shouldn’t be backing up their computers and servers securely to the cloud.

Meganet offers a highly-secure and reliable backup service aptly named: MegaBackup. With a number of packages to choose from, you pay for what you need.

Should the need arise, your backed up files are downloadable any time, and from anywhere.

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