Managing spam with our powerful spam appliance

For those of us that use email — which, if we are being frank, is most of us — spam is a major problem. Depending on how exposed your email is to the web, you may receive a couple of spam messages daily, or hundreds if you’re particularly unlucky.

Many of us have learned to just live with it and have accepted is as a fact of life. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Meganet offers a highly-effective spam filtering solution we like to call Fight My Spam, and for residential email users, the service is already enabled and accessible at FightMySpam.com.

How it works

The spam appliance in use by Meganet operates as a barrier for all messages coming into the network. Messages are scanned by the appliance. Should the content of the message appear to contain any harmful content or otherwise appear to be spam, the filter will quarantine the message.

All other messages are then sent to the correct mailbox. All of this happens in seconds.

The filter effectively becomes smarter as time progresses, as the algorithm learns more accurately what constitutes spam or not.

How to get access

Companies with their own domain names can take advantage of the features offered by our Fight My Spam service, even if they don’t host their email with Meganet.

Contact us today at 508-646-0030 or email sales@meganet.net for more information.

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