High Speed Internet Services in Newport, Rhode Island

MegaNet Communications provides businesses in Newport, Rhode Island with a number of mission-critical Internet services and solutions including:

  • Metro Ethernet
  • Ethernet over Copper
  • T1
  • Bonded and Load Balanced T1
  • DSL
  • VoIP
  • Hosted PBX
  • PRI and SIP Trunks
  • Server Colocation

Simply scroll down to learn more about the services MegaNet can provide to businesses in Newport, Rhode Island, or call us anytime at 401-831-3023.

Dedicated Internet Access for businesses in Newport, Rhode Island

Metro Ethernet – Metro Ethernet provides businesses with high speed Internet access from 10Mbps through 1Gbps over a fiber connection, which delivers the most reliability and highest uptime of all business class Internet services. This is the best solution for larger companies, or any business that requires 24×7 mission critical uptime. Learn more about METRO ETHERNET services from MegaNet.

Ethernet over Copper – Ethernet over Copper can deliver bandwidth ranging from 2Mbps through 20Mbps to businesses that require larger amounts of Internet speed. It’s more cost effective than Metro Ethernet where available. Learn more about ETHERNET OVER COPPER services from MegaNet.

T1 – T1 service provides businesses in Rhode Island with low-latency Internet service, complete with uptime guarantees and mission-critical reliability. Learn more about T1 service from MegaNet.

Bonded and load balanced T1 – For the business that needs more bandwidth than T1, bonded or load balanced T1 service delivers mission-critical bandwidth and reliability. Service is available from 3M through 12M. Learn more about BONDED and LOAD BALANCED T1 service from MegaNet.

DSL – DSL service is perfect for the smaller business with a smaller budget that still needs to have high speed Internet access for it’s users. DSL can quickly be provisioned to your office and will fit your budget. Learn more about DSL service from MegaNet.

Phone Service Options for businesses in Newport, Rhode Island

VoIP – Voice over IP phone service will provide any sized business with high quality, low cost telephone service. Whether your business needs 2 phone lines or 200, MegaNet’s VoIP service will meet your needs and budget. Learn more about VoIP PHONE SERVICE from MegaNet.

Hosted PBX – Hosted PBX service gives your business all of the amenities of a full-featured phone system, without the huge up front hardware and installation costs. Hosted PBX is an especially good option for businesses with multiple locations, or employees who work remotely. Learn more about HOSTED PBX phone service from MegaNet.

PRI and SIP Trunks – MegaNet’s PRI and SIP Trunk services can provide high volume calling capacity for larger businesses or organizations with call centers. PRI and SIP Trunks can also provide cost savings as well for companies that need to maintain high call volume availability. Learn more about PRI and SIP TRUNK service from MegaNet.

Managed and Dedicated Server and Colocation Options for businesses in Newport, Rhode Island

Server Colocation – MegaNet maintains a dedicated data center at The Foundry complex in downtown Providence, which can accommodate clients who only need 1U of rack space, all the way through clients who need their own custom built cage. Bandwidth and power/cooling are all provided in our costs, and clients who need managed servers can be accommodated as well. Learn more about DEDICATED SERVERS and COLOCATION from MegaNet.