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-DSL or equivalent. For many smaller businesses who aren’t running mission-critical applications or servers, DSL and equivalent services (such as cable) offer a great value. Low costs and high speed make this an excellent choice for the smaller business who don’t view the Internet as a “must have”. While not having guaranteed speeds or repair priorities are a drawback, they’re usually offset by the cost savings. -T1. Many services are touted as being “better than” T1 services in advertisements, but it still remains one of the only FCC tariffed commercial Internet services. What does this mean? T1 service carries Service Level Agreements and guarantees that many lower cost services don’t have; in the event of an outage, end users being accruing outage credits almost immediately, and the telco has specific guidelines to follow on repair times. While other services may provide an overall larger bandwidth pipe, T1 latency is one of the lowest around, and helps services like VoIP and VPN perform much better than on a lower cost, higher latency service. -Wireless. Clients in certain areas can benefit from high bandwidth, guaranteed wireless Internet services from MegaNet. Because the service doesn’t rely on physical wiring going into the customer’s location (also known as the “local loop”), bandwidth can be installed much sooner, offer a lower monthly cost, and can be upgraded within minutes if the need arises. Not having to rely on physical wiring also helps remove a point of failure, providing for excellent uptime. Businesses that have more than one location near each other can also benefit from private point to point wireless connections, which will help seamlessly connect separate networks at a very low cost. -Fiber. Recent changes in technology and pricing have allowed businesses to jump onto carrier-class fiber at a much lower cost than ever before. Companies with a large user base, or those who need to run many critical online-based services at the same time, can reap the benefits of fiber access with MegaNet. Connections ranging from 10M through 1GB are available in many locations, starting at a cost that could equal (or perhaps even be less than) bonding some T1 lines together. MegaNet clients have been benefiting from our experienced and dedicated account representatives since 1996, and we’d like to be able to help you as well. No matter your size or budget, we have an option that will increase your productivity, and possibly even help reduce your budget as well. Contact us today, we’d like to learn more about what you do online to help put together a customized package to help you maximize your Internet use.]]>

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