Hard drives fail, it’s a fact of life.

“Oh no….” you start to think. “My email… my presentations…. all my spreadsheets…. they might be GONE.” And that’s when panic starts to set in. If you’re not using our MegaBackup service, all this might be going through your mind. If you ARE using our MegaBackup service, then you know all of your critical files and data are safely backed up to our servers, ready to be re-downloaded as soon as your computer is back up and running. Stats show that in a business environment, data loss on just a single hard drive could be equal to a $50,000 loss. Can you or your business afford that kind of a hit? MegaBackup runs automatically, on a daily basis, to back up the mission critical files that you choose. Data backup has become a critical process for users, and we also offer server backup as well for corporate environments. And with so many mobile employees in the workplace, all it takes is one dropped laptop or spilled takeout coffee to potentially put an employee out of commission. Running an automatic cloud-based backup service can help protect a smaller business, while at the same time it can act as a safeguard for larger companies who already run a local hardware or tape-based backup. Individual users can quickly restore mission critical data immediately from our cloud backup for a minimal productivity loss. Are you staying connected and protected? Contact us today for a free analysis of your current backup procedure, and we’ll let you know how we can help.]]>

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