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managed VPN and VoIP services. VPN (Virtual Private Network) services allow employees and remote office locations to connect securely to business networks and servers, which allows them to connect to company resources to help work from various locations. This not only benefits employees who are on the road a lot as part of their job, but it can also offer flexibility to employees to work from home. In fact, a recent article from Businessweek noted that studies show telecommuters are actually slightly more productive than office bound coworkers. VPN services allow telecommuters to connect to company resources as if they were sitting right inside the office – a secure option that ensures data privacy (and a way to track employee resource usage). VoIP services from MegaNet feature a number of options to help keep employees connected, no matter where they are. Find Me/Follow Me provides inbound call routing to a number of separate phone numbers, so if an office extension isn’t picked up, the call can then be routed to a home office, or even a cell phone – you never have to worry about missing that important call. Voicemail to Email provides instant notification when a voicemail is received, and you can choose to call into your voicemail or even listen to the message that’s attached directly to the email message. And much like VPN, our call panel within our hosted PBX VoIP service allows companies to see who’s on the phone and when, and detailed call reports provide insight into employee phone usage. Many organizations recognize that work is no longer done on just a 9 to 5 basis, and provide tools to their employees to make sure they’re as productive as possible. If you’d like to look more into how our VPN and VoIP services can provide both flexibility and more productivity to your organization, let us know! Feel free to email sales@meganet.net or call us at 877-634-2638 for a free consultation today.]]>

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