Tomorrow is World Backup Day 2012

Are you aware of what day it is today? It’s the day before World Backup Day!

We encourage all of our home and business users to make sure that all of their vital documents are backed up. If you’re at home, maybe it’s your personal financial documents and priceless pictures of family moments. For our business clients, it could be your customer database, your company proposals and contracts, or perhaps your own time tracking sheets.

It’s critical that everyone make sure their data is both protected and backed up, not only here in Massachusetts with the MA 201 CMR 17 data laws, but worldwide – any unrecoverable data loss could affect you personally AND professionally.

We offer a wide range of backup services for our customers, ranging from the small single-PC home user all the way through large corporate environments. Even better, ALL of these services provide for automatic backups. You don’t need to remember to dig out that USB drive, plug it in, highlight all your folders… as long as your computer (or even server) has an active Internet connection, our backup services will automatically protect your data by backing it up to our servers.

Nearly 1 in 4 computer users will suffer data loss this year – contact us today to see how we can help you stay protected, and keep your data backed up.

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