Data theft and loss hits over half of Massachusetts residents

Yesterday’s Boston Globe reported that over the last 4 years, roughly 3.2 million Massachusetts consumers had their personal information compromised or stolen.

That’s over HALF of the residents of our entire state that have potentially been harmed due to businesses losing their personally identifiable information, in addition to financial info!

We’ve talked about the Massachusetts data laws now in place after the TJX data loss a few years back; in fact, we set up a website to specifically help clients out with services to protect them under the new MA 201 CMR 17 laws that call for fine of $5000 PER RECORD that’s stolen or compromised.

These numbers are staggering – it’s a huge loss for both the consumers, and the businesses who take a huge hit when a data breach occurs.

We have a number of services to help businesses avoid these very situations – managed firewall and VPN services, encrypted email, and secure automatic offsite data backup are just a few services that we can provide to any size business. And to be honest, a data breach can happen to any company, no matter if you have 1 employee or over 1000.

If you’re a business that maintains personally identifiable information, or financial data, on a Massachusetts resident and you are not sure if you are adequately protected, please contact us today. We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes since 1996 with their Internet and data needs, including security.

Help protect your customer data, and help protect your company as well – contact us for a free consultation on your current services, and how we might be able to help.

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