Update On Outages After This Weekend’s Blizzard

Now that everyone’s shoveled out and resuming their normal routines, many companies are headed back to the office to discover their Internet connections may be down. Our staff has been working diligently since Friday afternoon to stay on top of weather-related issues, and at this point it appears that the majority of problems customers are experiencing are due to either power outages, or downed telephone lines.

MegaBroadband customers should be sure to completely powercycle their wireless modems to see if that restores full service.

DSL customers should also powercycle their modem, bridge, or router to see if that restores service as well. We are aware of widespread outages, however, due to the previously mentioned downed telephone lines and have been working with the phone company to get estimates on repair time based on the location of the outage.

T1 customers who are currently down have all been reported to the phone company, and we will be following up with customers when we get updates and reports on the status of repairs.

If your Internet connection is up, but experiencing difficulties, please call us at 508-646-0030, or email support@meganet.net (if you are able to). We are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes due to outages caused by storm damage, and we will do our best to call back our customers as soon as we can if we are not able to take your phone call immediately.

We thank you for your patience and understanding, and we’ll be doing our best to assist customers in any way we can.

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Billing Alert (06/21/24): We have received some reports of non-customers receiving credit card charges from "Meganet.Net". This charge is unrelated to our company, not charged by us, and you should work with your credit card issuer to investigate the issue in greater depth. Thank you.