Why Aren’t Small and Medium Businesses Using Data Backup Services?

Losing data is an inevitable situation when your business uses computers nearly every day, all day long. Data backup services are the easiest way to help protect a company’s digital property when used on an ongoing basis. Backing up daily to a cloud data backup service, or to a local backup system, is critical to business continuity. Yet, with so many instances of critical data loss, why do small and medium businesses not have a backup plan in place yet?

The Diffusion Group surveyed 1000 small businesses and asked them about their data loss, and data backup policies. Nearly 40% of businesses surveyed said they’re not backing up their data at all. Not daily. Not weekly. Not even monthly. Not at all.

Many businesses make a point of backing up their servers, which usually can contain centralized data that their company needs to run on an ongoing basis. While that’s definitely a good policy, nearly 60% of small and medium businesses store their data on laptops and desktop computers – which again, aren’t backed up.

What happens when a large amount of data is lost? Let’s say, for instance, there’s unfortunately a fire and many of the computers used are lost, and the data’s not recoverable. In those cases, 60% of businesses who suffer a massive data loss are out of business within 6 months. 72% are out of business within 24 months. That’s a short period of time, compared with the decades it takes to build up these small businesses.

With the low cost of backup media and cloud-based services, the small investment in backup solutions is well justified when you consider the consequences of not backing up your data.

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