Using Hosted PBX to stay productive and in touch

Cost savings with Hosted PBX is one of the primary factors businesses look at when considering making a change to their voice services. It makes sense – Hosted PBX can save upwards of 40% compared to traditional voice services. That sort of savings factors in the monthly service costs, drastically reduced surcharges and fees, and the cost of ownership of a local hardware PBX that’s no longer needed.

One of the best actual day to day features of Hosted PBX, however, is it’s ability to connect users and employees from nearly any location, and giving them the ability to fully use your company’s phone system and features. No longer do people have to worry about missing that important call, or not being available to talk, because they weren’t sitting at their desk. With Hosted PBX, you can stay connected from nearly anywhere.

I’ll give you two examples of how effective Hosted PBX can be, and both examples are from my own personal experience.

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