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A Comparison of Metro Ethernet and Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet services have quickly grown in popularity among businesses who need reliable, dedicated bandwidth. Many clients who have been using T1 (including bonded and load balanced T1 services) are looking into Ethernet to provide more bandwidth at a better price point. It makes sense to do so, as most Ethernet services can offer a much larger upgrade path, and on Continue Reading...

T1 Connections for Internet and Data services

Dedicated T1 service has been a core offering of ours since the beginning of the company, and is still one of our most popular services among businesses who require mission-critical Internet access. Even with other lower cost, higher bandwidth services available, many firms still choose to trust their networks to T1 connections. The biggest benefit to T1 service has always Continue Reading...

What Are All Those Taxes and Fees On A Phone and Internet Bill?

One of the most common frustrations we hear from potential new clients has to do with the ¬†billing from their current Internet and phone provider. Many times, they’ll sign up with someone, maybe it’s because they saw a promotional price on an advertisement, or they were provided a proposal from someone at the company, and they’ll be anticipating paying a Continue Reading...