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Fiber Startup Costs and Install Timeframes

Many of our clients at MegaNet have been moving over to fiber for their Internet access services, and the majority of requests from potential customers we’ve been getting lately have been for fiber-based Internet access as well. There are a number of different ways fiber can be delivered to a company’s location, and there are also different timeframes and costs Continue Reading...

Should You Consider Future Upgrades When Picking Your Internet Service?

One thing we always like to ask businesses who reach out to us about our services is what their plans are a few years from now. There are always things to consider when it comes to Internet access services such as DSL, MegaNet Business Wireless, T1, and Metro Ethernet, as some offer defined upgrade paths, while others… well, not so Continue Reading...

A Comparison of Metro Ethernet and Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet services have quickly grown in popularity among businesses who need reliable, dedicated bandwidth. Many clients who have been using T1 (including bonded and load balanced T1 services) are looking into Ethernet to provide more bandwidth at a better price point. It makes sense to do so, as most Ethernet services can offer a much larger upgrade path, and on Continue Reading...