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Managed VPN

In today’s economy, many businesses have employees who work remotely, or from a different location. In any situation where these employees access your customers’ personally identifiable information, the connection from the employee to you must be encrypted and secured. Our VPN solutions for remote users and multiple-location businesses can help maintain that level of security....


Maintaining a connection to the Internet is critical for today’s business – email, research, and providing services to your customers are all mission-critical applications. Guarantee your network uptime with a variety of high speed Internet connections, tailored to meet your needs. From a single office to a multi-location agency, we can help keep you up and running....

E-mail Archiving

Emails can contain anything – from correspondence between employees, to company information and critical corporate data. 2006 updates to US FRCP regulations state that emails requested as evidence in a court case must be provided during the earliest planning stages of a trial. Even the information is privileged, or “not reasonably accessible due to undue burden or cost”, a court Continue Reading...

Data Backup

Accelerated Restoration Protocol™ Our Intelliblox technology combined with our Accelerated Restoration Protocol make Meganet Online Backup restorations three times faster than other solutions, according to independent testing laboratories. Meganet Online Backup gives you the power to restore files when you want, as often as you want. You can retrieve individual files, revisions of files, entire folders, or complete backup sets. Continue Reading...

Managed Firewalls

Compliance with the MA 201 CMR 17 State law includes ensuring that your data is secured by an up-to-date firewall. Managed firewall service provides the highest level of security, with 24×7 monitoring and intrusion detection and blocking. With emergency equipment replacement policies providing additional support, your network and data will be protected against being compromised. All businesses with a dedicated Continue Reading...
Security Notice (08/29/2022): Some customers have reported receiving emails purporting to be Meganet Communications requesting their username and password. As is always the case, we will NEVER request this information from you, and these phishing emails can be safely deleted, both in this case and any future occurrences.