Advantages of Wireless Internet Access in Fall River

Customers local to our main office in Fall River, Massachusetts are very familiar with our two wireless Internet offerings. For residential and small business users, we offer MegaBroadband service which is a DSL equivalent service. And for businesses that rely on the Internet heavily, we offer a commercial class service called MegaNet Business Wireless. Both services are available throughout the greater Fall River area and into a few of the surrounding communities, and both offer excellent alternatives to landline-based Internet service – especially in rough weather seasons like we’ve seen just this past month where downed phone lines turned into nearly week-long outages for some areas.

MegaBroadband service is perfect for home users or small businesses (5 employees or less) who are looking for a cost effective Internet service that doesn’t need to rely on traditional landline wiring. Because a lot of this region is located just off of the ocean, older copper wiring used for phone service tends to be susceptible to line noise or static. If you’re on a phone call, it may sound like a little noise in the background, but that line noise can completely kill DSL signal.

MegaBroadband offers a great alternative for home users who have traditionally had problems with landline-based Internet services, or those who no longer even maintain a home phone line. We’re seeing a lot of homes move completely to cell phone service, and MegaBroadband can give those home users high speed Internet without needing home phone service, and at a great price point – residential high speed service begins at just $19/month.

Small businesses with a few employees can also use MegaBroadband for their network by just plugging in our wireless modem into a small router or firewall device. For a small office that really only needs the Internet for general web surfing or email use, MegaBroadband offers a low cost/high speed service that’s extremely budget and user friendly!

wireless towerFor businesses that need more robust access, our MegaNet Business Wireless (MBW) service again offers the perfect alternative to traditional leased line service. MBW service is provided on either a point to point, or point to multipoint setup – this means each customer would have a dedicated receiver on their roof or side of their building that would connect back to one of our base stations located throughout greater Fall River. MegaNet Business Wireless is particularly effect in certain parts of the city that have traditionally had problems with landline-based Internet services, especially in the Fall River Industrial Park.

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