When Your DSL’s Down, And It Don’t Look Good, Who Ya Gonna Call?

First of all, apologies to Ray Parker, Jr.! However, the sentiment behind our homage to his lyrics is true – if your Internet DSL or T1 connection is down, or your email doesn’t seem to be working properly, who are you going to call? Our clients know that they can call our Support department, email us with questions, visit our website for network updates, or even reach out to us on Twitter. We’ve always prided ourselves on our service and support to our clients, and for a number of reasons.

When your business has an issue, or even just a simple question, it’s important to get it taken care of immediately. Many of our commercial clients don’t have a dedicated in-house IT staff, and if they do, odds are they have a number of plates they need to juggle on a daily basis. Adding in another issue just makes their jobs harder (I mean, who goes to work and says “boy, I hope our Internet connection runs at dial-up speeds today”?) and our goal is to help out as much as possible.

laptop cloudWe don’t have a hold queue here at MegaNet – we try to answer every phone call as soon as it comes in. Your time is far too valuable to waste it sitting on hold for 45 minutes trying to get a tech on the phone. Also, have you ever listened to a muzak version of The Police’s “Roxanne” for 45 minutes straight? Ouch. So we do our best to answer every call as it comes in, and if we can’t, we give customers the opportunity to leave a voicemail with their issue and contact information. When a business leaves a voicemail with Support, the entire support staff receives an email notifying them of the message, so the next available tech can quickly get right back to our customer.

If email’s the preferred method a client uses to contact us, a trouble ticket is automatically generated to help track the issue and resolution. This way, if the problem happens again, we have a history of what was done to resolve it; it’s also helpful to have everything documented in a ticket so our entire Support staff can help out to resolve things quickly.

In the event of a problem with the physical wiring that makes up the connection, be it a DSL line, T1 connection, wireless service, or even Metro Ethernet fiber, we’ll always troubleshoot and work with the telco to get your connection issues resolved. We don’t tell customers to call the telco directly, we don’t leave them on hold waiting for an update, we tell them we’ll get right on it and call them back with updates. Again, your time is far too valuable to spend it sitting and waiting for someone, because your business is going to keep on going even if you have a phone glued to your ear.

Internet connectivity and all of the services associated with the ‘net have become so critical to businesses nowadays, so when something happens it presents a real impact to your company’s operations. That’s why we always want to help resolve issues quickly, but at the same time, we don’t want to rush things along. Sometimes you might call a company’s support line and feel like you’re being rushed along, perhaps getting the impression that the person you’re speaking with has to get you off of the phone and on to the next call within X amount of time. That’s not the case here at MegaNet; we want to make sure the problem’s either fixed, we have enough information to continue troubleshooting, or get the customer to another tech who may have a better understanding of the issue and how to resolve it.

We always encourage customers to reach out to us, even if their services aren’t down, perhaps they’re running slower or something doesn’t seem right. It’s worth it to take a look at the connection, run some tests, and see if there are any potential issues with the equipment or wiring that might lead to a larger issue. Preventative maintenance is always good, while our proactive monitoring service on our dedicated leased lines can detect most issues, it never hurts to take a look at anything that might possibly be an issue.

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