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Is Trusting Your Data To The Cloud Safe?

Cloud services have been the fastest growing segment of online products over the past few years. Gartner Research predicts that global spending on cloud services will reach $155 billion in 2014, and will be well over $210 billion in 2016, just two years away from now. Many businesses have realized the value of cloud services, both with costs and productivity. Continue Reading...

Comparison of Local Phone Systems Vs. Hosted PBX

Every business, regardless of size, needs phone service. While cell phones are becoming more commonplace for sales reps or executives on the go, for the most part nearly every business still relies on having phone handsets and some sort of landline phone service, be it analog, VoIP, or PRI/SIP trunks. Along with that phone service, companies need to have a Continue Reading...

Working From Home With Hosted PBX

Summertime seems to be the biggest time of year when employees will exercise their flex time, or telecommute as part of their daily work plan. If you’ve ever seen the traffic down on Cape Cod in mid-July, you’ll understand why people are more productive when working from home most days! In today’s workplace, more and more companies are allowing employees Continue Reading...