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Why Is QoS Important for Digital Voice Service?

Quality of Service, also known as QoS, is an important factor businesses need to consider when they are implementing a new Digital Voice or VoIP solution for their phone services. To break it down very simply, QoS is a network protocol that makes sure voice packets are given the highest priority within a local network, as well as at the Continue Reading...

Inbound Call Failover If Your Business Loses Power

It’s been a messy, messy winter so far here in the NorthEast and it’s not going to get better any time soon. High winds and heavy snow have been causing power outages and downed telco lines, which can spell disaster for many businesses in New England. If your customers can’t reach you, and your sales reps can’t reach potential clients, Continue Reading...

Digital Voice/VoIP and Your Call Quality

Digital Voice is among the most popular telecom services being offered right now. Large national carriers have entire marketing campaigns based around it (usually offered as part of a bundle of services), and businesses of nearly every size are quickly learning that it’s cost-effective as well as easily upgradeable and expandable. At it’s core, “Digital Voice” is really just VoIP, Continue Reading...

Comparison of Local Phone Systems Vs. Hosted PBX

Every business, regardless of size, needs phone service. While cell phones are becoming more commonplace for sales reps or executives on the go, for the most part nearly every business still relies on having phone handsets and some sort of landline phone service, be it analog, VoIP, or PRI/SIP trunks. Along with that phone service, companies need to have a Continue Reading...

Will VoIP Work When Your Internet Is Down?

Voice Over IP is one of the fastest growing Internet-based services, and for many great reasons. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, easy to expand, and most of all it saves costs over traditional telephone service. The only real requirement for using VoIP is a quality Internet connection. Home users, or small businesses, can get by with a Continue Reading...

Using VoIP For Call Tracking and Advertising

While VoIP has many great features, many customers key in on the cost savings and call flexibility it gives them over traditional phone service. A lot of businesses that move to VoIP see an average monthly cost savings of 30%, and gain a lot of features they didn’t have with analog lines or an older hardware-based PBX. Along with that Continue Reading...
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