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Reducing your exposure to malware online

There’s a good chance that at some point or another you’ve dealth with malware online. From basic spam redirects to much more elaborate ransomware schemes, there’s no shortage of infections your computer can get out there on the web. So how do you reduce your potential exposure to these infections? Certainly, there are a few steps you can take. And Continue Reading...

Thousands of computers now infected with ‘WannaCry’ ransomware

A ransomware program first discovered on the 12th of May has now infected upwards of 200,000 computer systems around the world, various news outlets report. Dubbed ‘WannaCry’, the trojan virus operates by holding an infected computer’s file hostage with a demand for payment, typically with cryptocurrency like bitcoin. The first demanded ransom is $300. If the victim does not pay Continue Reading...

US-CERT warns of heightened DDOS threats

Following a large-scale DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack targeted at Brian Krebs’ security blog at krebsonsecurity.com, US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) is warning of heightened DDOS threats on the web. A DDoS attack, at its core, is the act of overloading a website or service by overloading a server (or servers) with an incredibly high volume of Continue Reading...
Billing Alert (06/21/24): We have received some reports of non-customers receiving credit card charges from "Meganet.Net". This charge is unrelated to our company, not charged by us, and you should work with your credit card issuer to investigate the issue in greater depth. Thank you.